Refugee Friend

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The app to connect local citizens to refugees to ease the journey of those in need.

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Help refugees in need

This new app, released March 2022, brings refugees and citizens, offering help, together. To bring safety and care to those on the run.

Inspired by the green lights of the citizens of Poland expressing their wish to be there for a human in need.

Help offered

The app facilitates on a map the location and services citizens want to offer to refugees.

Services like shelter, water, food, shower/sanitation, health care and transportation. All free of charge because of the love for the other.

A distress button is available to send a distress call to all helpers within 50 km range.

Helpers shown on map
Refugees on the move

We believe ...

… that every human being has the right to seek safety, comfort and asylum in other countries when they are no longer safe in their home country.

We are extremely worried by the human rights violations by various governments and their border patrol organizations leading to the death of thousands and thousands of migrants.

We condemn illegal pushbacks, hampering of NGO’s trying to save people’s lives on land and at sea. Physical and sexual abuse of migrants by border patrol officers.

We guarantee all refugees ...

… to protect their data and their whereabouts at all cost.

We will not share information with whatever organization or government not sharing our cause.

All data collected will only be used to lighten the lives of the refugees and their journey ahead.

Where possible we will use evidence of abuse and violence against refugees to bring offenders to court.

Donate now

Donate now using PayPal to support our cause in helping develop and maintain the Refugee Friend app.

All donations will be used for the enhancement of the app, the hosting services needed and costs associated to helping individual refugees in need.