Refugee friend login screen

After installing the Refugee Friend app you see an opening screen asking you if you want to help or if you need help.

A ‘helper’ selects ‘I want to help’ where a refugee selects the option ‘I need help’.

As a helper we will ask for:

-First name
-Last name
-Year of birth
-Short description of yourself
-Address (you can set an approximate location)
-Profile picture (not obligatory)
-The kind op help you want to provide [shelter, food, sanitation, health, transportation]

Important: We understand that sometimes you may not want to share your exact address details. The app allows you to place the marker to a location nearby.

As a refugee we only need:

-First name

-Last name



When finished registration don’t forget to activate your account by clicking a link we send via email!!

After activation you need to re-open the app and login for the first time. The app will remember your credentials.


You are then taken to a map where you can see markers for each helper. 


Each marker shows one or more colors corresponding with the various types of help provided.


Clicking a marker reveals the information of the helper.

For refugees it is possible to contact the helper via the chat function in the app.

Overview of helpers on the map
Helpers shown on map

When you are a refugee you will see an SOS-button and filters above the screen.

The SOS-button is only to be used when you are in immediate serious trouble and need others to come to you. By activating this button all helpers within 50 kilometers range will receive your distress call. Please don’t forget to cancel it when the problem is solved.


The filters on top can be switched of and on helping refugees to find help they need fast. Filter settings determine what markers are shown on the map.

In profile, under settings, you can change the app to appear in one of its 27 languages.

If you want to ask for help simply select a person or location on the map and send a message. In the chat function you can have the message of the other translated to your language.

List of countries accesible in the app