This app is needed more than ever. 


In a world where governments and politicians are led by ‘what we don’t know, we fear’ and are struggling with negative bias or even worse motivations, the poor and vulnerable automatically become victim. These same governments and politicians alienate themselves from all the good people out there trying to make a difference. Frustrating and even threatening NGOs and individual citizens trying to make the world a better place.


This specifically affects refugees. They see themselves confronted with illegal pushbacks, illegal deals between countries (Turkey, Libya) trying to prohibit them for entering Europe. They are even used as a tool of manipulation between countries. These same governments and politicians break the laws they wrote themselves. Human rights laws to protect refugees. And they get away with it….


That is why it is time citizens take control. By doing what their heart tells them to do. Helping the ones in need. What good people have always done in times of war, ignorance and selfishness. That is what we promised ourselves after World War II. To remember and never let the other down and to stand up for what is right.